I'm Jack - an illustrator, cartoonist and writer from the Scottish Borders.

I like to design characters and monsters, and draw stuff that makes you feel kinda nostalgic. It's Summer, your bike is on its side at the edge of the park, and you hear your mum calling you home for food. God, I hope it's lasagne.

In 2014 I won the British Cartoonist Association's Young Cartoonist of the Year Competition in the Under 18s category, which is the longest name for anything in the history of ever. Since then I've done work for local businesses, magazines, podcasts and the BBC.
(the security guy at the door to the BBC offices waggled his finger at me like Sonic the Hedgehog until someone else came and let me in, and I lost my Blue Peter badge in a taxi. swings and roundabouts, I guess)

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